WHO WE ARE "Rete Artisti Spettacolo per l'innovazione"

WHO WE ARE ''Rete Artisti Spettacolo per l'innovazione” - RASI- is a democratic and independent association inspired by the primacy of the person, the dignity and the social and economic value of the work in the fields of entertainment and culture, solidarity, ethical responsibility and legality. RASI was born on 9 March 2012 by the initiative of a group of artists together with some associations and cultural institutions. Its purpose is the administration of the royalties owing to interpretative artists, artists, performers, producers and all the associated bodies related through the use of appropriate professional, technical means and computer systems, for any kind of public use of recorded music, in compliance with the Italian Copyright Law April 22, 1941 n. 633).

In accordance with the Italian regulations requirements (DPCM 19.12.2012), RASI is included in the list of authorized operators of the Italian royalties sector and its annual financial statements, as disposed by the law (D.lgs n. 39 of 27 January 2010), are certified by an external authorized auditor. The Association represents and expresses at all the different levels (local, national and international) the interests, problems and demands of its members in the fields of culture and entertainment. Moreover, it promotes the knowledge, the dissemination and the development of these sectors in all their aspects and expressions through the implementation of cultural activities and artistic events and entertainment either directly or in cooperation with other Associations, organizations and institutions at national, European and international level.

The association protects and promotes quality jobs, assists and promotes entrepreneurial activities, provision of training and alternating training .It promotes and protects the work rights of disabled people, in an inclusive perspective of socio economical integration for all and in particular for the weakest target. It promotes and protects artists and their aggregations, small and medium sized enterprises of artistic producers in the related institutions, and any other stakeholder.

RASI performs all the activities necessary for the protection and promotion of the rights and the interests of performing artists, representing demands, proposals for the relaunch and the renewal of the sector also through the use of innovative methods and technologies. It encourages professional innovation in order to conduct the sectors of Italian culture and entertainment towards a new development and greater possibilities to compete on equal terms with other European countries, acceding to the same opportunities.

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